Secondary Schools

We offer a range of fun and engaging secondary school activities

Our science and engineering complement many areas of the secondary school curriculum, providing inspiring and engaging real-life examples of STEM skills and careers.

Loans Programmes

Bring the excitement of space into your classroom through our loans programmes. Each loan box comes with supporting resources to help you run inspiring, curriculum-linked activities, and the loan schemes are entirely FREE to schools.

Meteorite loans

Your class can have the chance to hold a real rock from space! The Down2Earth meteorite loan scheme allows you to borrow one of three boxes:

• Meteorite box: contains a range of meteorites and meteorite-related items to encourage discussion about space environment and how objects come to Earth.
• Moon box: contains meteorites, rocks similar to those you would find on the Moon, and replica Moon dust.
• Mars box: contains meteorites, a Mars sample, and simulated Martian surface dust.

Resources to support work around meteorites are included in the boxes.
To book a meteorite loan, please call 0131 668 8404 or

Lunar Rocks

You can borrow samples of Moon rock and meteorites through the Science and Technology Facilities Council Loan Scheme. You typically need to give at least four months’ notice to book the lunar samples, due to scheduling and security requirements.
For more information and to borrow lunar samples please visit:

Space Rocks

Information about meteorites can be found at the Down2Earth website, which includes a wealth of information as well as an interactive impact calculator. You can also learn more about meteorites in this fantastic video from the Royal Observatory Greenwich: